Welcome to Indonesia, my friends..


Just realize that i had big opportunity to share the beauty of Indonesia while doing my current job. Just like now, i just finished assisting Building Success training in Grand Hyatt Hotel. The trainers come from London, they are Sarah and Jo. For Jo, this is her first time visited Jakarta, meanwhile Sarah already visited Jakarta couple years ago. As Sarah mentioned while we have our lunch yesterday, she love Indonesia because of the beauty of the nature. Besides Jakarta, she visited others city, like Yogyakarta, Bali (of course) and Lombok also Gili Trawangan. But, there’s a thing that shocked me, she told that she went to Gili Trawangan for her holiday 18years ago!! Can you imagine how cool she was! She knew and came to Gili Trawangan since a very very long time ago, when there’s still limited information about Lombok and Gili. And look at me? i visited Gili couple months ago, ooh poor me 😦

I shared my story while taking holiday in Gili Trawangan months ago and we agreed to mention Gili Trawangan as one of the ‘Hedon’ island in the world, party everywhere, everytime, as you pleased. She told that Gili still remote area, which is peaceful and very beautiful and clean when she was there. Hmm..i bet it was greater than now.

It such an honor to share knowledge about my lovely country, Indonesia. i usually start from simple thing, like food, batik and simple greeting like “Selamat pagi/siang/malam”, “Terima kasih”, “Apa kabar?”, etc. I found out that most of native people love Nasi Goreng, Sate Ayam, and Kerupuk. They also like spicy food, which is we have lots of Sambal, the secret recipe to complete spicy food taste greater. Unfortunately, both of them had tight schedule and have to go back to London tonight, so we dont have some time to explore more about Jakarta.

That’s not my first experience with my expatriate trainer. The most remarkable and memorable one happened three weeks ago. Her name is Leslie, middle age woman come from Ohio, United Stated. She’s one of a kind, shared lots of story about her personal life and also asked about mine. She gave lots of meaningful feedback of my story, great advice and very supporting.

As that was her 1st time come to Jakarta, its such an honor (again) for me and my friend to invited her to hang out and enjoying Jakarta. We went to Inul Vista for ‘karaoke’, having fun together and finished in Sate Khas Senayan to have dinner. Until now, we do keep in touch through email. And  i’m excited to meet her again on the 1st week of December, yes she will be the trainer of my upcoming training program in Jakarta. It will be another great experience and lovely moment, i guess.


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