YESTERDAY has within that single word unmeasurable meaning, just as the word potential has within it unmeasurable possibility.

There is little you can change regarding yesterday for your potential lies in this now moment, not in the past.

Choose your NEXT MOMENT forward by reflecting on the yesterdays as a pool of wisdom in which to fine tune your path ahead. Yesterday has a way of showing you by its contrast what worked and what did not work, what you liked and what did not appeal to you. It is your task as a unique individual to look at the yesterdays of the world and choose what it is YOU are INSPIRED to place focused attention or physical action to.

It’s up to you to take yourself from where you are to where you want to go.

It’s a choice you make to look at the dream rather than at your current reality.

It’s your attention to negative things that brings on negative emotions. A positive emotion is a shift away; it’s up to you to shift the thought.

Looking within means you look at the possibilities, not the past limitations you once set for yourself.

Your intention is not a reflection of past; it is a porthole to the future you are creating by placing your attention on it.



With Love,

Me, different form of yesterday…


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